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P. B. B. Sc. Nursing

Elevate your nursing career with our Post-Basic B. Sc Nursing program at Little Flower College of Nursing. Tailored for D. GNM graduates, this two-year course focuses on comprehensive patient care, preparing nurses as trusted healthcare professionals. Explore diverse opportunities in government and private sectors, contributing to healthcare innovation and compassionate service.
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Course Details

This two-year course, designed for D. GNM graduates with a minimum of 45%, expands the horizons of nursing practice. Nurses, as trusted healthcare professionals, play diverse roles—teachers, advocates, caregivers, critical thinkers, and innovators. With a strong emphasis on comprehensive patient care, nurses are the frontline administrators and evaluators of treatment.

Our program recognizes the evolving role of nurses, preparing them for impactful careers in various sectors, including government hospitals, primary healthcare centers, NGOs, corporate hospitals, and more. Nurses contribute not only to physical well-being but also offer invaluable emotional support and act as counselors, demonstrating the true calling of service.

Nursing is an honorable profession, and our Post-Basic B. Sc Nursing program at Little Flower Group of Institutions aims to nurture the next generation of nurses who will continue to be the heart and soul of the healthcare system.

Course Duration: 2 Years
Number of seats: 40
Minimum Eligibility:D. GNM pass with at least 45%
Colleges: Little Flower College of Nursing

Why P. B. B. Sc. Nursing

Choosing our Post-Basic B. Sc Nursing program at Little Flower Group of Institutions is a strategic move toward a dynamic and impactful nursing career. With a focus on comprehensive patient care and diverse career opportunities, the program equips you to be a trusted healthcare professional, contributing to innovation and compassionate service in both government and private sectors. Elevate your nursing journey with us, where excellence meets purpose.

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