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About Little Flower Group

Discover the heart of our commitment to superior education and training in healthcare. At Little Flower Group of Institutions, we take pride in shaping the future of nursing, pharmacy, and paramedical professionals.

The pursuit of knowledge with a pure and scientific approach

The Little Flower Group, managed by the SANDESH EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST/SOCIETY®, has been dedicated to the pursuit of pure and scientific knowledge since 2003. In response to the increasing demand for quality education in the nursing field, we have established various institutions to meet the needs of the growing global nursing industry.

Our group's mission is to provide high-quality education and training to our aspiring nurses, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and practical skills. We believe that this training translates into an effective clinical support system in both the Indian and global healthcare sectors.

At Little Flower Group, we strive to set the highest standards in producing excellent nurses who can meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare system. We firmly believe in the power of knowledge to empower and uphold the truth.

Chairman's Message

"Our goal is to prepare the world’s finest advancement in Nursing practice with exciting opportunities for nurses to build their bright career. We emphasize on building our traditional mission of providing quality patient care, education and administration by innovative methods of teaching by our trained professionals.

We have a highly engaged advisory board and anti-ragging committee to provide continuous input on students review and professional behavior."
Mr. K Venkatagiri
Chairmain, Little Flower College of Nursing & Little Flower Institute of Paramedical Sciences

why choose us

We understand that choosing a right college for your studies could be a challenge. We at Little Flower Group, offer you everything you would need to make a right decision for you future. Besides the generic facilities offered by most institutions, we at Little Flower Group offer excellent teaching, optimal fees structure and convenience to our students.

Personalized Quality Education

We are icommitted to personalized attention to each student, offering robust support, career guidance, and opportunities for further studies.

Cost-Effective Fee Structure

Designed for affordability, our fee structure enables students to pursue their desired courses without financial constraints.

Convenient Learning Environment

Well-furnished classrooms and fully equipped study rooms, strategically located near hostels and facilities for convenience and comfort.

Spacious Learning Areas

Generously sized classrooms in our institutions provide abundant seating options, enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Separate Hostel Facilities for Boys and Girls

To foster a connected and accessible environment, separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls, ensuring a secure space.

Transportation Assistance

For students commuting from distant locations, our institutions offer transportation facilities, ensuring educational accessibility for all.

24-Hour Security and Surveillance

A 24-hour security system, along with CCTV surveillance, establishes a worry-free environment for both resident students and the entire college community.

Affiliations - Your Future is safe

All colleges under Little Flower Group is affiliated to the reputed education bodies and societies is committed to high quality education, continuous improvement, and student success. Your future is safe with us.

Life @ Little Flower

Join us as we celebrate the diverse journeys, profound friendships, and transformative moments that shape the lives of our students and faculty.

Celebrating Awesomeness

At Little Flower Group of Institutions, we celebrate education and life.

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