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Diploma in Medical Imaging/X-Ray Technology (DMXT)

Unlock your potential to shape healthcare as a Medical Imaging/X-Ray Technologist! Little Flower Institute of Paramedical Sciences' 2-year DMXT program is your launchpad. Unravel the secrets of X-rays, explore their interaction with the human body, and master the art of transforming invisible into vital medical images. Join us and make a difference, one scan at a time!
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Course Details

This two-year undergraduate radiology course delves into the fascinating realm of electromagnetic radiation’s interaction with the human body, creating images on photographic film. With a focus on X-Ray expertise, DMXT professionals adeptly operate X-Ray machines, contributing to vital diagnostic processes.

In a country with a rising demand for paramedics, DMXT stands out as a crucial program. Trained to diagnose diseases and support doctors in medical treatments, DMXT graduates become essential members of the healthcare team. The course, tailored to the evolving medical landscape, ensures students are well-versed in operating and maintaining medical instruments.

As technology and medical sectors advance rapidly, the need for skilled paramedics is paramount. DMXT at Little Flower Group of Institutions prepares students to meet this demand, fostering skilled and qualified allied healthcare workers and technicians. Join us to play a vital role in the dynamic and integral field of healthcare in India.

Course Type: Diploma
Course Duration: 2 Years
Number of seats: 20
Minimum Eligibility:Candidate has to be 10+2 Science from a recognized board
Colleges: Little Flower Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Why Diploma in Medical Imaging/X-Ray Technology (DMXT)

Opting for the Diploma in Medical Imaging/X-Ray Technology (DMXT) at Little Flower Group of Institutions is a strategic choice for several compelling reasons. This specialized two-year program provides a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between electromagnetic radiation and the human body, empowering students to create diagnostic images through X-Ray technology.

By choosing DMXT, you position yourself as a key contributor to vital diagnostic processes. The program hones your skills in operating X-Ray machines, making you an essential part of the healthcare team. In a country with an escalating demand for paramedics, DMXT stands out as a program that equips you not only to diagnose diseases but also to actively support medical treatments.

The course’s thoughtfully tailored curriculum ensures that you are well-versed in the latest technologies and techniques, preparing you to navigate the evolving landscape of medical imaging. With a focus on hands-on experience and practical application, DMXT at Little Flower Group of Institutions ensures that you graduate as a competent and confident professional ready to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic field of healthcare.

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