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3 Specializations. thousand dreams. 1 Little Flower

Little Flower Group of Instituitions is one of India's leading academic iinstitutions. Pioneering in the world of Nursing, Paramedical, and Pharmaceutical studies.

Nursing Courses

Forge a path of compassion and expertise in healthcare. Our Nursing Courses blend theory with hands-on experience, preparing you for a fulfilling career as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

Paramedical Courses

Dive into essential healthcare roles. Our Paramedical Courses offer practical skills and knowledge in medical technology, radiography, and more, empowering you to support clinicians and enhance patient care.

Pharmacy Courses

Enter the dynamic world of pharmaceutical sciences. Our Pharmacy Courses equip you with the expertise to excel as a pharmacist, researcher, or regulator, shaping the future of healthcare.

The Little Flower Advantage

At Little Flower Group, we offer a distinct advantage to our students, ensuring a rewarding educational journey and preparation for their professional careers. Here’s why you should choose us:

Training at Own Hospital

Experience hands-on learning in a real healthcare environment. Our students benefit from practical training opportunities at our own hospital, gaining invaluable experience that prepares them for future.

distinguished faculty

Our faculty comprises experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to our students. With their expertise and commitment, students receive personalized attention.

well-equipped laboratories

Our state-of-the-art laboratories provide students with the resources they need to excel in their studies. Equipped with modern facilities and technology, our labs offer a dynamic learning environment.

why choose us

We understand that choosing a right college for your studies could be a challenge. We at Little Flower Group, offer you everything you would need to make a right decision for you future. Besides the generic facilities offered by most institutions, we at Little Flower Group offer excellent teaching, optimal fees structure and convenience to our students.

Personalized Quality Education

We are icommitted to personalized attention to each student, offering robust support, career guidance, and opportunities for further studies.

Cost-Effective Fee Structure

Designed for affordability, our fee structure enables students to pursue their desired courses without financial constraints.

Convenient Learning Environment

Well-furnished classrooms and fully equipped study rooms, strategically located near hostels and facilities for convenience and comfort.

Spacious Learning Areas

Generously sized classrooms in our institutions provide abundant seating options, enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Separate Hostel Facilities for Boys and Girls

To foster a connected and accessible environment, separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls, ensuring a secure space.

Transportation Assistance

For students commuting from distant locations, our institutions offer transportation facilities, ensuring educational accessibility for all, ensuring comfort. 

24-Hour Security and Surveillance

A 24-hour security system, along with CCTV surveillance, establishes a worry-free environment for both resident students and the entire college community.

College Stories

From heartwarming anecdotes to tales of academic excellence, College Stories captivates readers with narratives that illuminate the essence of our institution. Join us as we celebrate the diverse journeys, profound friendships, and transformative moments that shape the lives of our students and faculty.

Celebrating Awesomeness

At Little Flower Group of Institutions, we celebrate education and life.

what our students say about us

Step into the world of Little Flower Group through the eyes of our students. Discover firsthand accounts of inspiration, growth, and success as shared by those who have walked our halls.
My life at Little Flower Institute of Paramedical Sciences made me stronger and helped me take a step ahead for being an independent human being. I was a paramedical student and completed DMLT. Currently, I am pursuing bachelor in Public Health at Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu University.
Raj Chand Thakuri
I used to hear about this institute from my connections. I joined here for B. Sc nursing. The atmosphere here is very cohesive. The faculty members are helpful & cooperative. Various activities at the college allow students to showcase their talents.
Kesia Anil Kumar
Little Flower College of Pharmacy is a place of learning, fun, culture and many life preaching activities. Studying at LFCP brought many value additions to my life especially helping me improve my soft skills.
Suraj Sirvi
I got some knowledge from this college ... best teachers with her behaviour .. management staff are fully helpful and his behaviour also awesome...miss you 😍 my college and my friends.
Sheikh Munirul

Discover Excellence in Healthcare Education at Little Flower Group of Institutions

At Little Flower Group of Institutions, our commitment to excellence positions us as Bengaluru's leading institution in healthcare education. Our programs in nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, and paramedical studies are recognized for their depth, rigor, and relevance to today’s healthcare challenges.

As Bengaluru's best nursing college, we provide an education that bridges theory with clinical practice, ensuring our graduates are ready to excel in patient care and leadership roles. Our status as the best pharmaceutical college in Bengaluru is built on a foundation of innovative research and comprehensive training, preparing students to thrive in the pharmaceutical sector. Similarly, our distinction as the best paramedical studies college in Bengaluru reflects our dedication to offering specialized programs that equip students with the skills needed in critical healthcare services.

Beyond academic excellence, Little Flower Group of Institutions fosters an environment of growth, ethical understanding, and community engagement, encouraging students to become well-rounded professionals. Our commitment to nurturing future healthcare leaders is evident in our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a curriculum that keeps pace with industry advancements.

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